Monday, February 27, 2006

S.M.S. Mix 001 - Bouncing Cheques, Rolling Debts

Sunday Morning Steamboat Mix 001 - Bouncing Cheques, Rolling Debts

Side A:
1 - The Flaming Lips - Yeah Yeah Song
2 - Man Man - Engwish Bwudd
3 - Field Music - You Can Decide
4 - TV on the Radio - Playhouses
5 - The Alpine - Mondays Look The Same
6 - Test Icicles - Circle Square Triangle
7 - Love Is All - Talk Talk Talk Talk
8 - Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Gold Lion (Diplo Remix)
9 - Metric - Monster Hospital (MSTRKRFT Remix)

Side B
10 - J Dilla - Last Donut of the Night (R.I.P. Jay Dee)
11 - T.I. - What You Know?
12 - Spank Rock - Rick Rubin
13 - Plan B - Sick 2 Def (Acoustic)
14 - Caribou - The Barn
15 - Alan Braxe - Intro
16 - Mylo - Drop the Pressure
17 - Lo-Fi-Fnk - Change Channel
18 - Hot Chip - The Warning

Saturday, February 11, 2006


Eminem and Nate Dogg - Shake That
Eminem and Nate are on the prowl for some slutty sluts and Nate wants to fuck them in his hummer truck. Typical Eminem beat, simple drums, light use of synth, mellow yet catchy bass. The lyrics are amazing, so true, a couple of dudes looking to get laid, picking up bin at the club but not your everyday ordinary bin, they want some freaky ass slut bin and they want to do wild and freaky sexual things (doggystyle perhaps? maybe a 69? rimjob? french kissing the privates? Who knows?). I'm not 100% sure whether these two will "tag team" any of these sluts but i'm guessing the thought has crossed Nate's mind, he's always seemed a little "suspect" to me, him and Warren G. I'm pretty sure "regulators" is homo-ebonics for "lovers of the reach around".

Weekly Top 5 - Feb 4th-11th

5) Eating steak
4) Rick Tocchet and Janet Jones
3) Arrested Development FOX finale
2) The father from Six Feet Under
1) Rollie Pemberton's blog

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Supes Bowl XL

Well, this past Super Bowl may not have been the greatest football game ever broadcast but the fact that both the head coaches involved are adorned with beautiful fluffy yet commanding moustaches was most definitely a wonderful treat. On top of the moustached coaches we somehow were lucky enough to end up with a moustached MVP: Mr. Likes it From Be-Hines Ward. All i can say is... WOW!! This is obviously a once in a lifetime treat which should be savoured like a romantic blow job. Unfortunately the moustaches overshadowed a fairly lackluster game, i would have rather seen a sword fight between Big Ben and Matt Hasselbeck. It was a very sloppy affair. The Seahawks came flying out of the gates and looked very strong during their first drive but fizzled out and ended up settling for a field goal and palyed the rest of the game on an empty tank. Pittsburgh started off way too slow and minus their three big plays looked pretty horrible, the game could have easily gone either way. The Seahawks in typical 2004 Seahawks fashion lost the game, more or less, because of three(!!!) dropped passes by their shit talking dummy of a tight end Jerramy Stevens (nice spelling, why can't you spell it the regular way, fucking loser). I think the spirit of Koren Robinson entered his body. He did end up catching two balls, one for a TD and another which was called back on what seemed to be the Seahawks 21st holding penalty (maybe their O-line wasn't as good as everyone thought, just really cheap). Mr. Batman and Robin Shaun Alexander was fairly quiet all game, although he put up reasonable numbers he didn't provide anything significant to the Seahawks offense. The best running back on the field was a rookie from NC who loves MJ, Willie Parker. With his record setting Super Bowl run Parker proved to all of us how important great blocking is to the success of a running back and furthermore solidified the fact Shaun Alexander is overrated. God do i ever hate that guy. At the end of the day the Steelers were the champions and Seattle still hasn't earned the respect they think they deserve.