Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Keeping it clean for the kids...and everything

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make something Ice? Well, you recieve a step by step breakdown at the 4 minute mark


Wednesday Adams

I'm just sittin here listening to some Fort Minor while organizing the old Itunes (I actually quite like Mike Shinoda although i have absolutely no idea what race he is, i know there has to be some asian in there, his rhymes are too precise for there not to be, but other than that i'm lost.)

I just read through the last two posts and i mos def agree with them boys and i'd like to weigh in:
1) Houseguest!!!!! Just watch it, don't ask just do it. Seriously.

2) The reason i've yet to see Titanic is mostly because I don't think i'd like it. I already know the story so the surprise element is gone (perfect example: Into the Wild, pretty good movie but since i was familiar with the story I don't think i enjoyed it as much) and even if i did like it its so far past that i'd have nobody to discuss it with. One of my favorite things about movies is talking about them afterwards but i doubt anyone would remember, let alone even want to discuss, Titanic.

3) Leo has such amazing longevity, ever since his days in the janitors closet on Growing pains he's been consistently amazing. Romeo and Juliet pretty much defined my early teens, between Leo's performance and Talk Show Host i was a changed young man (if you have to ask what Talk Show Host is i feel very sorry for you and any children you may have in the future). The only other men with careers quite like this are Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise, guys who were great when they were younger in lighter hearted works who matured into the brilliant thespians they are today. The main diff is that Leo still looks like he is 21! He could keep doing this for 65 years.

4) Rings, Bonds, Potters, Angels don't waste your time. Stick to the Blood Diamonds and Philadelphias.

5) I hate Brad Pitt

Good Night


A passionate response to the post below

I completely agree with you Kevin about Titanic.

My tale of hate for Titanic goes back many years...first a quick summary of the cultural impact of titanic. It was released Halloween '97. Went on to have the biggest box office of all time, most Oscars wins of all time, stupid girls went to see it 15 times in theatres...blah blah blah. In 1997, I was 15(picture Joey Lawrence, but with more emphasis on the mullet). Now think of your typical junior high girl at this age. that's right, they are wildly obsessed with teen movie and TV stars! Every girls locker was filled with pictures of JTT, Devon Sawa, Jonathan Brandis and that dude who played Blossom's boyfriend Vinnie.
The guys I named above were all worshipped by the bitches, but the true ruler of the TeenBeat world was unquestionably Leo. At first, that is exactly why I fucking hated Titanic. I was so jealous of him and I didn't even know why. I think it started with his wicked haircut that he shared with Edward Furlong.
Later on in life(around my viewing of 'The Beach' and the premier of "Catch Me if You Can") I realized that Leo had nothing to do with it. The guy is the actor of his generation and no one even touches him. He is fucking handsome, cool and only dates supermodels. For some(George Clooney), this takes 20 years to be obtained and acknowledged(and that's not a knock on George).
In short, I will never see Titanic because its the same reason I have never, and will never see Dirty Dancing, Grease and Pretty Woman...I'm just not in their demographic...and because those movies are shit.



Movies I'm Proud To Say I Have Never Seen

These are in no particular order (and yes these are "movies" not "films")...

2.The Lord of the Rings series
3.The Harry Potter series
4.Any James Bond movie
5.The Charlie's Angles series

There is a theme here but I'm not going to dwell on it because I don't really fucking care to figure it out or what it means. I will say that no one will ever convince me to watch any of these movies or that they are better then the movie "Houseguest" starring Sinbad and Phil Hartman(RIP).
Image Hosted by
Talk about two of the most overlooked and under appreciated comedians of their time. I suggest pouring some liquor out for these two, even though from what I hear Sinbad is alive, I don't see making a comeback anytime soon if ever.


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Human Giant: Escalating Interview

A thank you to our loyal fans

Excitement and exclamation!!

I'd like to welcome both of the newcomers to this cleverly retitled blog. All fans of the previous incarnation, Sunday Morning Steamboat (named after my huge sunday morning shits), are in for a real treat. Our thoughts are unlike most thoughts in that they are thought up with thoughtfulness and clear headed thinking from thought filled minds. We have talents in critical thinking, analytical thinking, perverse thinking, logical thinking, illogical thinking, bleak thinking, optimistic thinking and most importantly stink palming.

Today is Tuesday February 26. A week from today i'd like us here at After the Jump to start a running tuesday feature entitled "Tom's Tuesday" in which we analyze and discuss the lives and accomplishments of the various Toms we admire. I'd like to start off next week not with our most admired Tom but with another Tom we greatly appreciate and one who was in our thoughts over this eventful Oscar weekend, Tom Hanks. So brace yourselves for a surely entertaining ride of future "TomTalk". As for tonight i'll leave everyone with this little teaser quote and one of the greatest movie quotes of all time by Mr. Hanks "I have A.I.D.S".


Adding more Thinkers with Thoughts to the Team

With the third addition to the Bros. team, I am proud to welcome Kevin Leander Arsenault to the fold. Between all of us, we bring you three grade 10 Home Economic credits, numerous acting roles in local indie dramedy's and a collective finger on the pulse of the black youth.

Kevin also has his own blog. For your musical fill, click as hard as you can on


Sunday, February 24, 2008

There Will Be Blog

After careful consideration and talking with Chris on one of our now infamous Californian coast runs(pictured below), I have thrown my hat into the blog ring. Chris alluded to below that we have "thoughts"...well, I can confirm that we do have thoughts, and here is my first thought. The 2008 sound editing Oscar category will go down as one of the most competitive in history. I raise my glass to you, the Bourne Ultimatium. I have never heard a car windshield smash so beautifully.


Armstrong and McConaughey

Its back!! Yay!!
I'll be joined with Steve "The Judge" Miller. We're really excited to get our thoughts out on the WWW. We love to share our feelings and we hope to put a smile on a few faces and maybe a lil swell in them undies.