Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wednesday Adams

I'm just sittin here listening to some Fort Minor while organizing the old Itunes (I actually quite like Mike Shinoda although i have absolutely no idea what race he is, i know there has to be some asian in there, his rhymes are too precise for there not to be, but other than that i'm lost.)

I just read through the last two posts and i mos def agree with them boys and i'd like to weigh in:
1) Houseguest!!!!! Just watch it, don't ask just do it. Seriously.

2) The reason i've yet to see Titanic is mostly because I don't think i'd like it. I already know the story so the surprise element is gone (perfect example: Into the Wild, pretty good movie but since i was familiar with the story I don't think i enjoyed it as much) and even if i did like it its so far past that i'd have nobody to discuss it with. One of my favorite things about movies is talking about them afterwards but i doubt anyone would remember, let alone even want to discuss, Titanic.

3) Leo has such amazing longevity, ever since his days in the janitors closet on Growing pains he's been consistently amazing. Romeo and Juliet pretty much defined my early teens, between Leo's performance and Talk Show Host i was a changed young man (if you have to ask what Talk Show Host is i feel very sorry for you and any children you may have in the future). The only other men with careers quite like this are Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise, guys who were great when they were younger in lighter hearted works who matured into the brilliant thespians they are today. The main diff is that Leo still looks like he is 21! He could keep doing this for 65 years.

4) Rings, Bonds, Potters, Angels don't waste your time. Stick to the Blood Diamonds and Philadelphias.

5) I hate Brad Pitt

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