Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Excitement and exclamation!!

I'd like to welcome both of the newcomers to this cleverly retitled blog. All fans of the previous incarnation, Sunday Morning Steamboat (named after my huge sunday morning shits), are in for a real treat. Our thoughts are unlike most thoughts in that they are thought up with thoughtfulness and clear headed thinking from thought filled minds. We have talents in critical thinking, analytical thinking, perverse thinking, logical thinking, illogical thinking, bleak thinking, optimistic thinking and most importantly stink palming.

Today is Tuesday February 26. A week from today i'd like us here at After the Jump to start a running tuesday feature entitled "Tom's Tuesday" in which we analyze and discuss the lives and accomplishments of the various Toms we admire. I'd like to start off next week not with our most admired Tom but with another Tom we greatly appreciate and one who was in our thoughts over this eventful Oscar weekend, Tom Hanks. So brace yourselves for a surely entertaining ride of future "TomTalk". As for tonight i'll leave everyone with this little teaser quote and one of the greatest movie quotes of all time by Mr. Hanks "I have A.I.D.S".


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