Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A passionate response to the post below

I completely agree with you Kevin about Titanic.

My tale of hate for Titanic goes back many years...first a quick summary of the cultural impact of titanic. It was released Halloween '97. Went on to have the biggest box office of all time, most Oscars wins of all time, stupid girls went to see it 15 times in theatres...blah blah blah. In 1997, I was 15(picture Joey Lawrence, but with more emphasis on the mullet). Now think of your typical junior high girl at this age. that's right, they are wildly obsessed with teen movie and TV stars! Every girls locker was filled with pictures of JTT, Devon Sawa, Jonathan Brandis and that dude who played Blossom's boyfriend Vinnie.
The guys I named above were all worshipped by the bitches, but the true ruler of the TeenBeat world was unquestionably Leo. At first, that is exactly why I fucking hated Titanic. I was so jealous of him and I didn't even know why. I think it started with his wicked haircut that he shared with Edward Furlong.
Later on in life(around my viewing of 'The Beach' and the premier of "Catch Me if You Can") I realized that Leo had nothing to do with it. The guy is the actor of his generation and no one even touches him. He is fucking handsome, cool and only dates supermodels. For some(George Clooney), this takes 20 years to be obtained and acknowledged(and that's not a knock on George).
In short, I will never see Titanic because its the same reason I have never, and will never see Dirty Dancing, Grease and Pretty Woman...I'm just not in their demographic...and because those movies are shit.



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