Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hi again

Top 5 Favorite CHL Hockey Players:

5. Jason Fitzsimmons - Goalie for the Moose Jaw Warriors during my 18 months living there, he had a great "new style" mask and he signed both a mini stick and a hockey card for me.

4. Stephen George - Georgey was notorious for jacking off in his Ford Ranger on his back and forths from "The Dub" and "pulling rank" at parties.

3. Felix Potvin - The only reason I know what and where Chicoutimi is. I still don't know what Sauguenees means. Oh wait, I just looked it up. Thanks Felix!

2. John Varga - The Tacoma Rockets had the most beautiful mini sticks. Varga played for them from 92-94. My peak mini stick years.

1. Alexandre Daigle - Had Daige lived up to his potential, he would of been better than Gretzky and maybe even better than Lemieux. Plus his rookie card, coming into the 94-95 season, was even more sought after than Tacoma Rockets mini sticks. I don't know if I've ever wanted anything more.