Saturday, January 28, 2006

Lottery Morons

So i was thinking about the lottery the other day and started wondering about idiotic corner store advertising. For some reason every time a big jackpot is won the establishment where the ticket was purchased feels some pointless need to display this fact. I'm no ad-wizard but i'm pretty sure it doesn't come cheap and isn't the point of advertising to attract more business? Why on earth would anyone feel more inclined to shop at a store where a winning lottery ticket was sold? The odds of winning the lottery are horrible, the odds of the winning ticket coming from the same place two draws in a row? Fucking ZERO. Instead of gloating about the fact you sold the winning ticket wouldn't it be more sensible to run an ad proclaiming you've never sold a winning lotery ticket? Not even a free ticket winner. This way people would think to themselves "well, this place has yet to sell a winner, i think its due!!!!" i guarantee ticket sales would increase by at least 25%, if i'm wrong i'll let you give me a blow job. For more practical advertising ideas get in touch with the ad department at, great minds doing great things.

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