Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hibernation officially over


For those of you expecting a Tom Tuesday this evening I'm sorry but its not going to happen. We have missed the last couple due to a regrettable decision i made in letting Carli author one for U of T cruiser, Jamie Thomas. Its not that Jamie isn't deserving, he more than is, its that Carli dropped the ball and in turn made me look like the ball dropper for allowing her this privilege. Since the ball has been doubly dropped i've decided to retire the weekly Tom Tuesday column, I have realized i cannot handle this responsibility nor can my lady. I have no problem resurrecting the column every now and again especially considering we have yet to touch on Tom Brady or the aforementioned gritaholic Jamie Thomas, but for now we shall put it on the back burner.
End Note.

News and Stuff:
I've been M.I.A. lately at ATJ and i'd like to apologize, i have no excuse aside from my own laziness and lack of blog worthy material but i hope the blogger block has come to an end.
In my hiatus Kev dropped the long awaited Kobe post which is must read material and Steve wrecked his ankle. Its not really a coincidence the two events happened back to back.

We're amidst hockey and basketball playoff madness at the moment which has been on a lot peoples minds and has taken up a majority of the conversations between males 12 to 71 in the last week and a bit. Unfortunately i haven't followed either which leaves me a little lost when around such discussions and my "Ovechkin is better than Crosby" can only take me so far seeing i have barely any substance to back this claim only a deep seeded hate of Crosby. In fact most claims i make involving sports are unsubstantiated. Oh well.

Had the pleasure of Steve and Dan's company at the already (in my mind) classic Sunday 9:40 screening of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, I'll have the full review up in the next couple of days but just so you know it will involve pulsating near the point of shaft bursting bone dogs.

I'm sure it will come as no surprise to anybody but my car is in the shop.

During a recent pole amongst co workers i've established that Kristen Bell is hotter than Hayden Panettiere but Stacy Dash snakes them both (proof and more proof).

And with those pics......
Sweet dreams

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