Friday, April 18, 2008

My Rodman-like instincts

First, it must be said that the blog has been dormant for a couple weeks. to all 4 people who check the blog(that would be the 3 bros. and I guess Carli to see if her writing holds a candle to Chris') we are sorry and will try to do better. Since I have some time on my hands today, I figured I would throw a few entries down.

On a personal note, Karma has finally caught up with me. Last night playing basketball, I happened to sprain my ankle. It is common knowledge to the teenage heartthrobs that I have bizarrely strong ankles. This time, it rolled over to much to be called a rolled ankle. It swelled to the size of a softball as I landed on a big ogre's foot when I came down from skying for a rebound.
I mention the Karma thing because the bro named Kevin had the same thing happen last summer to him when he came down on my foot playing hoops. The difference is Kevin was a pussy and his was not half as bad as my sprain is. The even more embarrassing thing for Kevin is that I will be all healed from this by Sunday. Kevin mentioned to me that up until a month ago, he was still suffering from his sprain. Lets see, with some quick Miller Math (counting my fingers) I have added up close to 7 months he lived with a sprained ankle. that's sad considering you could probably contracted and healed from the clap 6 times within that span.

I hate lifetime achievement MVP award winners,


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