Thursday, November 27, 2008

2008 Retrospective: Movies

2008 will probably go down as the year I watched the fewest movies. Typically I'll find myself at the theater every week or two but this year was a different story. I can probably count the number of movies I saw in the theater, this year, on one hand. Out of which, only two were memorable and one slightly so. The two memorable films are numbers two and five on my list and the other (Pineapple Express) gets an honourable mention. Either I was exceptionally busy or just unmotivated due to the lack of solid releases, either way I'm sure hoping 09 will be a different story.

My Top 5 Movies of 2008:

1) The Wackness: Best surprise ever. Seriously, a coming of age set to 94 hiphop in New York. This was already my favorite movie 12 years ago.

2) Dark Knight: Best superhero movie of all time, not to take anything away from Heath, but Christian Bale was amazing. By far the best Batman and probably the best depiction of a superhero ever.

3) Transsiberian: Another surprise for me this year. I can't exactly remember where or how I heard about this movie but I'm glad I did. Directed by Brad Anderson who was responsible for one of my all time, under the radar, faves Happy Accidents (Thanks Steve). If you plan on watching it don't do any research, its best to go into this one blind.

4) Snow Angels: Slow Show, one of my favorite songs ever, was in the trailer. After that it was just a matter of remembering to download it 3 months later.

5) Forgetting Sarah Marshall: Perfect b list cast, really creative for a movie of this type and absolutely hilarious. Cock shots always win me over.

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