Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fashion Update: Fall 08

Seen on the runways during the third quarter:

The "ribbed beater" or the "gourmet beater" great for hacky sack in the park and going into work (right after a solid workout so you're still jacked from the high weight/low reps) on your day off when the new hot girl is working. Also doubles as a great cum rag.

This piece is whats known in the industry as a "double entendre" (not literal). It combines two great fashion trends, flags and comedy. Heavily influenced by 90's legends Mondetta (flag fashion) and No Fear (comedy fashion). I love this piece for a lighthearted first date (preferably blind) or a day at the water park, where the comedy will distract people from the fact that you're swimming with a shirt on and the flag will make them think its normal in the foreign cultures. Also doubles as a great cum rag everywhere but the Czech Republic.


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carli mia said...

gourmet beater!