Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Business Man!!!

I couldn't actually find a picture of Steve Hunt so i had to improvise, if someone can help me out in the pic department please do.

He is not your ordinary man, his handsomely athlectic upper body rests upon a pair of unrivaled thunder thighs which would make even Big Ash jealous. Steve loves guitar (he's a lefty!) and has a real passion the sport of soccer. We think he travels and as far as i know is still working for Half Pints brewery. Steve Hunt is a walking miracle and a real life hero, he survived a ten story swan dive from an apartment building balcony saving a young child from a horrific fire........I think. Stephen Hunt is many things to many people but a consistent friend he is not (this isn't a dig at Hunt we've all come to expect this of him and it is a unique attribute we've all come to love). Steve loves to befriend us for short bursts of time every two years or so, for these brief weeks or even days the friendship is enjoyable, full of genuine laughter and, unfortunately, quite misleading (every time this happens we think its for good and EVERY time we are wrong). I like to call Steve a "wind sprint friend" not only for his speed on the track but also for the quick yet intense friendship he brings us every once in while. He is the man who has brought us the "Sire Squire" routine which in turn led to the brilliant (and one of the most memorable moments of my life) roundtable at Steve's house. This particular roundtable brought us as a group closer than we've ever been and it also led to one of Jeff's most apt nicknames; Squire Hrushie. He also started the "Random Gunshots to the Head when you're really stoned" and the "Businessman". When Steve is around us we seriously feel like we're floating, like a giant weight has been lifted........... the weight of reality. Thank you Steve, i look forward to our next "wind sprint" in the autumn of 08!

Good Night



The Bros said...

Great piece Chris.
I think its also worth noting that his 'fast-slows' are now used by Celine Dion to warm up her pipes before a show.

The Bros said...

Big Ash was something special.