Sunday, March 02, 2008

I wish girls could spell

So it looks as if a rivalry has developed in the blog world. We at ATJ have been publicly slandered by another blog and we will not take this lying down. It would wound us deeper if said blogger knew how to spell. According to her i have a habit of moving bowls on Sunday mornings. I'm not quite sure what this means, perhaps Sunday mornings i move bowls from my dishwasher to the cabinets or maybe i move bowls from the table to the sink, either way its not a big deal (maybe if someone had paid closer attention to the post they would have realized the word used was BOWEL, maybe the fashion glasses are malfunctioning) . I'm just here to say we at ATJ will never stoop to the low levels certain bloggers will and are here to provide truth and positivity. Thank you and good night.

Edit: After reading this post and feeling quite embarrassed Carli has gone ahead and corrected her spelling error but we all know the truth.


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carli said...

they're prescription.