Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tom Tuesdays v3.1 Google Choice: Hardware

Tues (or wed depending on the time i finish this post) March.25(or 26).2008

Well, for a different approach and because Steve dropped a classic already, i decided i would Google the name Tom and blog about the top response. I was a little nervous because I thought maybe Cruise or Hanks would pop up, or maybe even AfterTheJump, which would have made things a little redundant .......Boy was i wrong! The first hit was Tom's Hardware. I hadn't even heard of this place until about 6 minutes ago and, being so unfamiliar with this subject and being much too lazy to familiarize myself, am a little writer blocked. I'll give it my best shot:

Hardware is an online, and maybe even a physical, store which deals in computer components (i smell a coup!) Hardware also contains articles with intensely captivating titles such as:
Can Heterogeneous RAID Arrays Work?
Zotac Jumps The Gun On New Nvidia Hybrid SLI Chipset For AMD
Taiwan DRAM Makers To Start Producing 6F Squared DRAM In H2
and Intel: Skulltrail Supports Crossfire & SLI


Fact: computers are used to blog, these can be purchased at Tom's Hardware

Question: Whats a DRAM?

Fiction: Al Gore invented the internet

Fact: Tom's hardware has competitive pricing and great customer service

Fact: I don't really care about the above fact

Fiction: Tom's hardware, unfortunately, is not a store at which you can purchase equipment used and signed by Tom Cruise while filming MI3.

Fact: If you Google "Google" the first 3 or 4 pages are all links to different Google applications

Fiction: The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger (no relation to the family depicted in Party of Five)

Their most popular product right now is the GE force 8800 GT video card selling for $209.99
I just ordered 3. Your welcome Carli!

Its too bad Google had to sell out so hard because the second hit was Tom Anderson, the MySpace guy who has over a tribillion friends and loves the smell of warm cum (but not his own), that could have been great. Oh well there's always next Tuesday, maybe i'll try webcrawler.


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