Saturday, March 15, 2008

Merr - man

12:36 - Merrill, the greatest double consonant girl of all time! Here we go.....
Chris: "Merrill, what are you thoughts on this party?"
Merrill: "you know chris, there was a lot of drinking involved, cool people, interesting conversations, but i really would love to get manos and carli in a room alone...."- my moms obsessed with fois gras..."
Chris: " Why would you like to see Car in a room with another man? I am quite angry about this! You just told me a rude comment about a certain St Mary's girl! I won't tell. Your turn"
Merrill: "well i am wearing thigh highs chris, one step above st. marys steeeeee, carli in a room with any guy, HOT! dont be offended chris be honored... as we discussed before carli is a medical miracle, hot and sexy! my turn, toronto clinton wuuuddduppp!

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