Tuesday, March 04, 2008

He's Kind Of A Big Deal

Seriously, honestly, basically I love you.
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Your my favorite world traveller, poet, alpha male, wine connoisseur, film/music critic, and bartender. You will party with me to the very end and will show no hesitation in whatever drink or chemical comes our way. You will also be the one who I can rely on to pick me up the next morning and get me to school on time. Your able to balance all these things and still bring an array of solid low-post moves. Fuck the Zig-Zag Fist and fuck Mark's Treadmill. We are talking about a Great Man.

Oh, there's no way in hell Cam is getting me to school on time. But there's also no way I'm passing on a chance for another car write-off.



The Bros said...

My eyes watered while reading this...in a reflective way.


The Bros said...